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This competition is now closed, thanks to all those who took part, hope you had as much fun as we did!

Calling all Artists...

A Cubist image by Sven Christensen

From our experiences as struggling Artists ourselves, we have a deep appreciation of the challenges faced, the drive required, and the occassional need for a lucky break. After all, sometimes it's difficult to get exposure and to stand out from the crowd, regardless of how talented you are.

As you may know, in addition to our own artwork, we also commission and sometimes showcase Art from other Artists, like Larissa who has created 24 gorgeous Wildlife Watercolours for us. These are available on Tote Bags, Cushions and on Canvas as Wall Art. This year, we would like to invite talented Artists to join us, and to have their Art showcased in our online store in the same way, but to spice it up, we're offering a prize to the most highly rated Artist and the opportunity for all successful entrants to earn commission on Sales of their designs.

The Prizes
  • Should they wish to, successful competition entrants have the opportunity to be showcased on our website in our Meet the Artist area, and in our Social Media Channels to increase their exposure;

  • Entrants whose works are selected for inclusion in our product range(s) will be paid a 15% share of the profit from the sale of  products carrying their Artwork*;

  • The overall winner, as decided by the Hardy and Christensen Editorial Team, will receive £250** in addition to the commission on sales of their products as outlined above.

The Challenge
  1. Produce one or more artworks in your chosen medium for submission as a high resolution (minimum 2160px on the shortest edge at 300dpi or better) scan or digital image, ideally with the ICC profile embedded (if you don't know how to do this, give us a shout and we'll try to help);

  2. Provide a bio (long or short) and a picture of yourself (if you wish) to accompany the work. If you prefer anonymity, and many of us do, you are very welcome to use an alias;

  3. Write an introduction to the piece(s), perhaps considering the following:

    • The name of the piece or the Collection;

    • The reason for the choice of name;

    • A description of the piece(s), maybe including the create date, environment, circumstances and your mindset at the time;

    • How long did it take to create the piece(s);

    • What is the subject of the piece(s), and how did you make that choice?

    • The motivation and inspiration for the pieces and how these influenced your colour, subject and composition choices;

    • If the work echoes that of another Artist, how did they inspire and influence your work?

    • Is there a particular motif or device which you use, and how do the pieces tie together?

    • Is there particular emotional response which you wish to evoke in the viewer?

  4. The pieces must be suitable for a universal audience, so no nudity, NSFW or 'mature' content or depictions of illegal, immoral or prohibited items, activities, subjects or subject matter(s);

  5. It should be noted that some products have aspect ratio limitations. Some fabric items are restricted to a 1:1 aspect ratio whereas Canvasses for instance have either a 1:1 or a 3:1 aspect ratio;

  6. Artworks must not breach copyright legislation.

How to enter

Just register your interest using the form below.

We'll be in touch by email to confirm the opening and closing dates of the competition and to provide updates.

Register your interest

To receive an invitation to join the competition,

and to get the latest news about it, please register your interest here.

Thanks for your interest, we'll be in touch.

By registering your interest you consent to your information being processed, stored and used for the purposes of administrating the competition and responding to you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The Fine Print

For the purposes of this section, we/us/our refers to Hardy & Christensen Limited.

The word Artwork in the following sections may be taken to indicate both the singular and plural.


By entering the competition, you consent to the following:

  1. To release the usage rights for the Artwork to us for our exclusive use for a minimum period of three (3) years;

  2. For your Artwork to be offered by us for sale in one or more format, and on one or more product type as single, multiple or mixed purchases;

  3. For your Artwork to be offered via one or more Sales Channel at our discretion;

  4. For your Bio and Artworks to be published, in whole or in part, as a part of the product details, and for promotional and competition announcement purposes. This publication may be via Social Media, via our Website, via other communication channels, or a mixture of some or all of these;

  5. For your Bio and Artwork to be used for the purposes of marketing and promotion via Social Media, our Website or other medium, or a mixture of some or all of these, at our discretion;

  6. To receive such commission payments as may be payable to you as calcuated by us before the deduction of charitable donations and commission, on a quarterly basis;

  7. To provide bank details for the sole purpose of of the receipt of prize and/or commission payments;

  8. For Artwork to be cropped where the demands of the product make this neccessary;

  9. That the determination of any dispute which may arise is governed by the laws of England and Wales;

  10. For the Artwork to be processed as may be required to provide consistent and correct rendering during the fabric printing process;

  11. For the Artwork to be shared as neccessary with our Fabric Print Partners for the sole purpose of the provision of their services.

General rules and qualifications:

  1. You may enter more than one work or set of works should you wish to. Each will be treated on its individual merit and each successful entry would entitle you to multiple opportunities for inclusion in the commission scheme as outlined above;

  2. The decision of the Editorial Team is both final and binding;

  3. In reaching their decision, the Editorial Team may elect to canvas or poll Focus Groups and/or Social Media Channels;

  4. We may elect to apply your Artwork to any number of our products, you should satisfy yourself that you are happy for your Artwork to be used in this way before entering the competition;

  5. The competition opening and closing dates will be confirmed once a reasonable number of Artists have registered their interest;

  6. By registering your interest you consent to the retention and processing of your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy;

  7. You must fully own the usage rights for the Artwork at the time of submission and be entitled to transfer these rights for the prescribed period;

  8. In the event that accusations of copyright infringement or breach of usage rights are made with regard to submitted Artwork, we will cooperate fully with the relevant authorities and will be legally bound to release details of the submitting Artist.

* We may, without prior notice, notification or permission, withdraw items from sale at our discretion. In the event that a product is withdrawn from sale, we would be happy to return the usage rights to the Artist upon request. In the event of withdrawal from sale, save for any commission due to the Artist, no right to compensation is implied, offered or provided by us.


**The prize payable to the outright winner shall be 250 GBP.  In the event that payment in an alternate currency is required, this value may be reduced in line with exchange rates and commissions associated with the transaction.

Updated 30/04/2023 - SC - Revision A.

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