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Designer Floor Cushions - Check out the new Ålesund and Tromsø ranges!

Updated: Feb 11

Named after two key Norwegian cities, the Ålesund and Tromsø ranges of floor cushions are sewn in a gorgeous, waterproof, fire retardant polyester canvas so they're perfect for lounging both indoors and outdoors. Each features one of our exclusive fabric designs reproduced in bright, vibrant colours.

The Ålesund starts out at an impressive 140cm square before being generously filled with high quality hollowfibre stuffing. The Tromsø starts at 69cm square, and is equally well stuffed to make a delightfully comfortable floor cushion.

Floor cushions need to be fire retardant to keep our lovely customers safe. Because of this it's not possible to produce them in an organic fabric and so we ensure that our cushions meet the rigourous safety standards needed to achieve OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 which tests products to ensure that there are no harmful compounds present. This makes our Indoor/Outdoor Designer Floor Cushions perfectly safe, as well as fun, functional and gorgeous.

With hundred of fabric designs to choose from, from contemporary art to more traditional watercolours, there are designs to suit every indoor and outdoor space. As with all our of products, these artworks and designs are only available to our Customers, and some of them may only be available for a short time, so snap them up as soon as you can!

Click to check out some of the available fabric designs

These waterproof Floor Cushions are perfect for social occasions, like parties, barbeques or for just lounging around with friends enjoying a glass of wine...or three. Don't worry about the odd splash of wine either, caring for your Hardy and Christensen Floor Cushion couldn't be easier, simply use regular soap, warm water and a sponge to easily remove stains and because they are so easy to look after, they are a perfect, fun and colourful choice for Children's Bedrooms and Playrooms.

We will be starting to offer these wonderful additions to your indoor and outdoor spaces in time for Spring 2024.

Your safety and well-being is our priority, and so our Designer Floor Cushions meet the following standards:

Fabric Certifications:

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (SHMO 084148)

OEKO-TEX Eco Passport Certified Ink (NEP 1902)

BS5852 Source 0 & BS5852 Source 1


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