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Geometric Artworks - Array|Red, Black, Gold

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

In this exclusive Geometric Collection - Array|Red, Black, Gold, Sven has focused on a simple colour pallete.. The simple Red, Gold and Black combination is an iconic design classic. and the cubic forms, each with a highly reflective surface, create visual interest that goes far beyond the geometry itself. The shifting viewing angle and distribution frequency yields exciting tone changes and challenges the eye to make sense and order of the image sets.. This collection is part of a much larger collection of cubic images which range enormously in colour and composition but somehow remain a part of the whole.

Available as Wall Art and as part of our exclusive soft furnishings ranges, these complement the other colour-ways and compositions in this cube series.

The Array|Red, Black, Gold Collection is by far the largest of the cubic collections, some of the other works are shown below. - each belonging to it's own mini-collection of complementary images or diptychs and triptychs.

By Anna xx



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