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Hardy and Christensen Artwork included in Retail Development Concept Images

We are delighted to confirm that Hardy+Christensen have been asked to provide sample CG artwork and cushions, alongside real-life products for inclusion in this startup Café, which is part of a new Retail Development in London. We met the Architect a few months ago at a fund-raiser, she was quite taken with this years Geometric Art collection and asked if we would be happy for it to be used in client concept images and visualisations. We submitted a selection of items, and thought no more of it. Anna and I were surprised and delighted to receive this stunning visualisation earlier this week, which we have been given permission to include in our own portfolio - subject to some confidentiality requirements.

The concept makes extensive use of our Groovy Circles Canvasses and Cushions, and also includes items from the Mesh Wave and Encapsulated Cubes Series. The addition of our art is very flattering in such an already on-trend and exciting space, and we think it adds a layer of interest and freshness to the aesthetic.

We look forward to the move from drawing board to real-life, I can almost smell the coffee, taste those doughnuts, and feel those gorgeous cushions now!

​By Sven xx


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