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New Artworks - Abstract Tangerine and Mint, Glass Encapsulated, Cubes

Updated: May 1, 2023

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of art. Whether it’s traditional painting or a more modern medium, such as digital abstract prints, there’s something about art that can capture and hold our attention for hours on end.

Enter the new artworks from artist, Sven Christensen. Sven has created a unique digital print featuring cubes of plastic in eye-catching tangerine and mint colours encapsulated in glass. These pieces of artwork are mesmerizing, bold and colourful. In this blog post, we will explore what makes these pieces so special, the process behind creating them and why they’re quickly becoming some of the most sought-after artwork around. Read on to learn more about this incredible artist and his mesmerizing works of art.

Exploring the Composition and Geometric Patterns in the Image

In this image, the artist has used a limited colour palette to create a vibrant and bold composition. The geometric patterns in the image are created by the seemingly random placement of the cubes within the composition. The cubes of varying dimensions are arranged in a grid-like pattern, and yet some of them overlap and even intersect so that they are not perfectly aligned. This creates a tension between order, chaos and the calm colours, injecting additional energy into the image.

The artist has also used light and shadow to create depth and interest within the image. Combined with the use of depth of field from his photgraphy background, this adds to the dynamic feel of the image holding the viewers focus for longer.​

Inspiration for this Abstract, Geometric Digital Print Artwork

This abstract, geometric digital print artwork was inspired by the work of the early Geometric Masters, and seeks to challenge established conventions and compositions. Pushing the boundaries of possibility is a recurring theme in the Artists work, and the seeming impossibility of the dimpled glass covers in a piece which appears hyper-realistic creates an engaging dialogue. The colours were chosen for their ability to complement each other and create a visually pleasing, homogenous composition. The mint green colour was chosen because it is a refreshing colour that can add a touch of calm to any space, where the tangerine lifts the space with a soft warmth. The extensive use of cubes creates an interesting geometric abstraction which is both eye-catching and unique.

The work of Sven Christensen, the Artist for this series of Artworks

Sven Christensen is a talented Photographer, Real-World and Digital Artist , working in a variety of media. He has developed a unique style that often features strong colours and bold, repeating shapes. His work is heavily influenced by his science and mathematical background, and he often uses geometric patterns and simple forms in his paintings and images.

Christensen's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, both in his native Norway and internationally. He has won several awards for his work, and his photographs and paintings are held in private collections all over the world.

Using these Canvas Artworks in your Environment.

This series of digitally printed canvas artworks is perfect for adding a touch of colour and interest to any room. Each piece is unique, with its own distinct pattern and colour placement with the glass encapsulating the cubes adding an extra element of dimension and interest. One of a number of colour ways, the tangerine and mint set of five images will be accompanied by series featuring black, white and red, and pistachio and lavender with more planned for the future.

These artworks can be hung on their own or grouped together in matching colour sets, or subject sets to create a more dramatic effect. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from the cool and informal, to formal, minimalist spaces, to professional and even corporate surroundings.

Due to the volume of requests, Sven has agreed to take on commissions to produce similar pieces in custom colour palettes - so if you have a request for specific colour ways, please drop him a line at Hardy and Christensen.

Other Works in the Encapsulated Cubes Collection

Red, Black and White, Mint and Lavender and Pink and Lavender colourways bring variety and interest to this already exciting collection.

- Guest Post by Marty


About Marty (not his real name).

'Marty' is a highly regarded Art Critic and Oil Painter, now living in Vienna who prefers anonymity to fame.

Having Graduated with a Masters in Fine Art, Marty is widely regarded as one of the key forces in emerging art styles, and is noted in particular for his work with geometry, form, negative space and abstraction.

Widely published and exhibited, he holds a number of prestigious awards and curatorships throughout Europe.


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