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Preserving the Life of our Wildlife

Supporting the work of one of our favourite Charities

This year, we are pleased to announce RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) as one of the charities Hardy and Christensen are supporting. This UK based charity was founded in 1889, initially created to fight the fashion industry, as their use of feathers and plumes was driving some bird species towards extinction.

Whether in a town, at the coast, or throughout the countryside, RSPB protect threatened birds and wildlife, and can boast over 200 nature reserves covering over 300,000 acres of land in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are a sizeable charity doing significant good for our wildlife.

Having said that, the RSPB efforts aren’t just confined to the UK. They are also a part of BirdLife International which comprises of several organisations that work together to save nature across the world. After all, birds and nature cannot be segmented or compartmentalised! Nature is all around us everywhere.

​In a recent study in December 2021, out of the 245 UK recognised bird species, 70 were now on the Red List (most at risk of becoming endangered with their population or range being halved in recent decades), 103 on the Amber List, and only 72 on the Green List. That’s just 29% bird species that have a good population living amongst the wildlife in the UK, and almost the same percentage that may not exist in another decade.

One of the newly ‘red-listed’ birds is the Greenfinch, which happens to be one of our featured 2023 Watercolour Collection. – Be sure to check him out, along with the other birds in our Hardy and Christensen 2023 Watercolour Collection. He’s so beautiful with his olive-green and yellow plumage.

The RSPB doesn’t just look after the birds themselves, but their habitats and surroundings too, which also provide a home environment for insects, amphibians, reptiles, worms, slugs, spiders, and some small mammals. Every one of these creatures have a right to existence, serve a

purpose, and play their own part in the circle of life. We feel sure that our customers will share our view that the important work carried out by RSPB is a very worthwhile cause, and we at Hardy and Christensen are so very proud to be able to support them.

So, if you call yourself a birdwatcher, twitcher, birder, or a true professional ornithologist, or simply have a love for nature, why not show your support and appreciation of this wonderful charity, and purchase Hardy and Christensen works of art from our website from our new 2023 Watercolour Collection.

​You can visit the RSPB Website here.

​by Anna Hardy


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