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Razzle Dazzle! - A unique Zebra Watercolour

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Did you know that a collective name for more than one Zebra is dazzle? A dazzle of Zebra! That said, they can also be called a herd or zeal, but I prefer dazzle – it’s far more glamourous!

There are three species of these beautiful creatures that share the earth with us humans, and all three species are native to Africa. There are the Plains Zebra, the Mountain Zebra, and the Grévy's Zebra, and, did you know that each Zebra sports their own unique pattern markings of black and white stripes on their coat? No two Zebra are the same.

It’s sad to say that all three species of Zebra appear in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) “Red List” – the Grévy's Zebra are listed as endangered, the Mountain Zebra as vulnerable, and the Plains Zebra as near-threatened. Things need to change in this world to stop yet another animal becoming extinct through human actions.

Here at Hardy and Christensen, we are pleased to include these magnificent mammals within our 2023 Wildlife Watercolour Collection. Our dedicated Watercolour artist, Larissa, has brought us another wonderful piece, masterfully creating a close-up shot of two beautiful Zebra, a mother and child, as a part of the Safari Set.

We are even more excited to announce our decision to include the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the portfolio of charities which we support. The WWF is a very deserving charity that operates across the world, benefitting so many animal species and their habitats through conservation, acquisition, and education.

By Anna xx

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