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Seal Pup Watercolour – Part of the 2023 Collection

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

This gorgeous Seal Pup, painted in Watercolour by Larissa, is a part of a three painting set featuring animals from the Arctic and Antarctic, Larissa is a very talented Artist living in Ukraine.

In these troubled times she has continued with her work despite having to leave her family home to move further west. Her positivity and courage are a shining example of the strength and resolve of the people of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to all the people of Ukraine and we send love and prayers for their safety and for a swift end to the turmoil which they have been forced to endure.

As a Hardy+Christensen exclusive, this beautiful original will become available on our ranges of Organic Cushions, Wall Art and Linens. As with all of our creations, 10% of our profits will go to charity, this gorgeous pup will be supporting the vital work of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

This lovely Watercolour sits splendidly within the Frozen Tundra Set of Watercolours.

The Frozen Tundra Watercolour Set


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