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Summer Meadow Cushion Poly Art Collection

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

In this vibrant and richly coloured set of cushion designs from Sven Christensen, we're bringing you a taste of summer. Based on views of Summer Meadows and rendered in an almost Impressionistic, Poly Art style with brightly coloured flowers and deep, luscious backgrounds in a range of colours.

Poly Art has its roots in both cubism and in video game design - a very interesting intersection of influences which brings a unique visual flavour to the design. Often seen as a simplified sub-genre of cubism, Poly Art brings a fresh approach to images, with complex forms being depicted in a minimalistic and simple way. The challenge of using this style is to limit the number of faces needed to express the form, the more geometrically complex the form, the greater the challenge.

These cushion designs are available to Special Order, are exclusive to Hardy+Christensen customers and are produced England with our usual high quality certified organic cotton fabric and inks.

As a part of our continued commitment to a better world, we also contribute a minumum of 10% of our profit goes to support the vital work of deserving charities like the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

by Anna xx


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