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The Diamond Scroll Collection

In this interesting and unusual series of artworks from Sven, he was seeking to capture the essence of simple forms and colours in a 'macro-scape'. Each piece reveals the subject, in this case a simple diamond scroll with adjacent pegs, from a unique viewpoint in a way which challenges our expectations of proportion and dimension. The limited colours used serve to contrast and accentuate the form, while the strong, almost bleaching, lighting provides captivating highlights defining the shape, contour and texture of each element.

I am so excited to finally reveal this series now it’s finished. Sven has designed these latest prints with a limited pallette, with interesting and challenging focal points and shallow depth of field. They are shot from different angles to give our clients the option of a single statement piece, or a series of inter-connecting artworks to inject interest and beauty into any space providing engaging focal points within your decor.. You could even mix and match with other designs in the Geometric Collection, as, I’m sure you’d agree, they fit in well with the other luxurious designs in the Hardy +Christensen Geometric Collections.

These pieces will be available in a variety of formats and will feature in a number of products from our range at launch, so be sure to check back with us.

​by Anna xxx



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