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Three is the magic number...

If you’re superstitious, you may not like the number three, as they say that if a bad situation occurs twice, it’s more likely to occur a third time. On the contrary, what’s to say that this couldn’t apply to good situations too? After all, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Third time lucky” or “Three times a charm”, right? There are many good and positive things that come in three’s - goals in a hat trick, books in a trilogy, flavours in a Neapolitan ice cream, wheels on a tricycle, colours in the Union Jack, colours in a traffic light, and let’s not forget the all-important three types of wine (white, red, and rose…..hic!...)

Now, triangles….they’re all about three. Did you ever think you would be reading a post about triangles?

Well, triangles are one of the four basic shapes (circle, triangle, square and rectangle) we learn from an early age. They can be seen anywhere and everywhere - for example, road signs, a slice of cake or pizza, the face of a pyramid and form part of an arrow.

It’s also known as the most important shape in mathematics, with its three straight sides, and three angles. Is it any wonder that there are three types of triangles too? We have the scalene, isosceles and equilateral triangles, when based on the length of its sides, and we have acute, right-angle and obtuse triangles, when based on the measurement of the angles. Whatever the type of triangle, they all have the same properties where the three internal angles always add up to 180 degrees and the exterior angles always add up to 360 degrees. Fascinating, huh?

Here at Hardy and Christensen, we love a triangle. We have included some beautiful artwork, showing off the wonderful triangular shape in all it’s glory as part of our 2023 Exclusive Geometric Collection. There’s a variety of colours and designs in our collection to adorn even the most dullest surface, and they do! We have vibrant colours and pastel to hopefully suit everyone’s taste and preference - having said that, if you would like a design in certain colour-ways, drop us an email and we’ll see what we could do for you.

I invite you to check our series of triangles below..

by Anna xx



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