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Vibrant Stripes - a touch of elegance

Anna Hardy's most recent fabric and canvas design launched this week at Hardy and Christensen to a rapturous reception.

Vibrant colours contrast with black or white base colours in this minimalistic suite of colourways, each with different patterns and exciting, bold complementary colours. Considering the bright colours, the overall pattern is pleasingly harmonious in its repeat and ultimate tone.

"My plan was to create a positive and uplifting design, with bold colours, an unpredictable repeat and simple base colours for fabrics and Wall Art. I was hoping to create elegant, harmonious and stylish accent pieces for modern living" said a delighted Anna when asked about the new designs. She went on to say, "As with all of our products, it is important to us that they are sustainable, ethical and beautiful, and I'm delighted with how they have turned out. One of my favourite things about this collection is that we can choose to mix it up a bit by presenting some or all of them vertically or horizontally. It's a simple thing, but I love giving our clients a way to add a little twist to their design schemes".

Available as Wall Art Design on both Square and Landscape Canvas and on our 100% Organic GOTS certified Cotton Fabric used to create our Luxury Cushions, Tote Bags and other fabric products.

At least 10% of the profits from sales of the Vibrant Stripes designs will go to suport the invaluable work of the NSPCC.


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