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About us

Hardy and Christensen was born of our love for each other, for art, for fabrics and for the world around us.

​We love to share our passion with our extended family of Artists, Designers and Customers.

Our Company

Working as a very close-knit team, we are all dedicated to creating quality products which are both gorgeous and functional.

We work with Artists and Designers from all around the world to bring exclusive and beautifully conceived Artworks to discerning customers who share in our vision and values.


Making a better world together

We love diversity and appreciate the simple beauty in everyone and everything. Enjoying the world around us, revelling in the the pleasure of creation and working to heal the world we live in are the cornerstones of what we do.  That’s one of the reasons that at least 10% of the profit goes to support charities.

​This years collections will be supporting the following Charities:

  • Buglife

  • British Heart Foundation (BHF)

  • Disasters Emergency Commitee to support the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. (DEC)

  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

  • Shelter UK

  • Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)


Just add beauty...

Soft Furnishings and Art can define a space, create an ambiance and communicate your style and taste.  At Hardy+Christensen we offer exclusive, exceptional quality fabric products to our discerning and faithful followers and customers.

We often commission special collections of artworks from new and established Artists across the world to complement our range and to give our customers access to new and interesting pieces.

Key elements of our range include:

  • Luxurious cushions adorned with exclusive art, all handmade in GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric.

  • Geometric pattern fabric cushions designed by our talented in-house Team produced in certified organic fabrics and inks

  • Original artworks to brighten any space

  • Beautiful, exquisite Tote Bags with our bespoke fabric designs in organic fabrics

  • Unique and exclusive gifts produced to the same high sustainability and responsible sourcing standards as the rest of our range

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