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About Us

The importance of Ethics and Sustainability

We care about the impact of what we do.

Because we care, every choice that we make and everything that we create is

carefully evaluated in the context of how it affects our planet and its inhabitants.

Ethical | Beautiful | Sustainable

Together we are

Our Vision

  • Our fabrics must be organic where possible, sustainable and safe for all*

  • If it is not possible to use Organic Fabric, to ensure that the fabric chosen meets the OEKO-Tex Standard 100

  • Printing inks used in creating our fabrics must be safe and certified

  • The raw materials that we use must bring only benefit to those responsible for producing them

  • Energy consumed and waste produced by our activities must be kept as low as possible

  • Everything that we do must bring value and benefit to the world and the people in it

Ever since Anna and Sven started creating beautiful items for their clients many years ago, the need for balance and ethical responsibility has been a cornerstone of their endeavours. 


In a recent interview, Anna reiterated the importance of this ethos, saying that "the desire to create the beautiful must never come at a cost to the planet, or to the people who work to create it. The only way in which we can truly enjoy beauty is when it's guilt-free".

This vision is no more evident that in the Hardy and Christensen fabric product ranges.  Our Organic Cotton Cushion Covers and Tote Bags are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, and use only ECOCERT and OEKO-TEX Passport Certified inks.  These certifications demonstrate that the fabrics and inks are safe for everyone from newborn babies to the elderly and that they do not harm the environment.

Our commitments

To our Planet...

We don't have huge warehouses filled with materials and finished products, so we don't consume energy needlessly.

We source as much of our raw materials  as locally as possible to keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible.

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Organic Materials

We only use GOTS Certified Fabrics and Eco Passport Inks to minimise the impact of our products on the environment.  This translates right the way through the production process - from the picking of the cotton all the way through to creating the finished item in our England Studios.

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Waste Reduction

Most of our products are made to order.  Introducing this on-demand system has allowed us to reduce our stock-holding and to reduce waste.

It's safe to say that we're not always perfect and some items don't make it through our rigourous Quality Control processes.  On these rare occassions, we find creative ways to reuse the materials to minimise waste.

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To our Partners...

We work hard to ensure that we comply with both Local and International legislation and best practice models, and we demand the same from our Supply Chain Partners.

This helps us to ensure that we remain collectively ethical and committed to improving the lives of everyone who contributes to our endeavours.

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Prohibition of Modern Slavery

Our Supply Chain doesn't use forced labour or child labour - from the Farmers and the Mills to the Processors and Finishers who create the fantastic quality raw materials that we use in our products.

We only work with Partners who follow the same high ethical standards that our customers expect of ourselves.

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Fair Pay and Fair Play

We acknowledge and appreciate the cost of quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

At Hardy and Christensen, we provide products of the very highest quality, which are produced ethically, responsibly and sustainably.  Naturally, this comes at a cost to the Farmer, Grower, Mill and Processor but we won't squeeze our Partners to make savings, instead we support them in their quest for better working conditions and fair pay.

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To our Family...
Working Conditions

Our Team are amazing and we celebrate their efforts, talent and commitment every day by creating a nurturing environment where contentment, creativity and diversity thrives.

Our happy band  enjoys a workplace which is free from discrimination and harassment, where their efforts are rewarded and their differences are applauded.

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Customers are like Family

We know that our customers don't just buy from us because of the wonderful products, but because they appreciate our commitment to making a positive, lasting difference in the world.

Yes, this makes our products a little more expensive, but our customers share our values and care about the impact that their purchases have.  As kindred spirits we are always delighted to welcome them to our loving family.

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Supporting other Artists

When all is said and done, we are not business people, we are Artists.

With the boundless energy and enthusiasm of our Customers and our Team, we find ourselves in an extraordinarily fortunate position to help and support Artists as they seek to raise awareness of their work.

Not only do we feature the work of selected Artists, we actively encourage other Artists to pursue their calling.

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* Whilst we always strive to source and use organic and sustainable fabrics, it is not always possible to do so and to comply with local laws and regulations, such as those covering fire safety.  In these cases, fabrics are selected from reputable sources to meet the specific performance requirements to keep our customers safe and will always meet the safety requirements of OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

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