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Colour Pop Art

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Hey there, art enthusiasts and creative souls! Are you ready to dive into a world of vibrant, bright colours that will ignite your imagination? Well, get ready because we're about to explore the captivating realm of Colour Pop Art!

You may have heard this term before or seen it splashed across social media feeds, but what exactly is Colour Pop Art? And why has it become such a popular style in the art world? Don't worry - we've got all the answers for you right here.

What is Colour Pop Art?

Colour Pop Art has its roots in several artistic genres, including expressionism, impressionism and abstract and whilst it shares some similarities with the Pop Art Movement, it is not, in itself, a part of that movement, despite the name.  In many ways it is an art form which trancends many of the traditional boundaries which the Art World sets for itself with the need to sometimes pigeon-hole pieces into a defined genre, what really cooks traditionalists noodles is that it also features in photography!  Whilst the painting and image style can vary, key characteristics are a limited colour pallete and the emphasis of one or more elements by applying a bold colour, or by de-saturating the rest of the image.

How is Colour Pop Art made?

There are so many different interpretations and sub-sets within Colour Pop Art, it is not possible to define any one method or outcome.  The rather loose work of Corrine Natel, for instance, centres around creating Abstract Colour Pop Fluid Art where paints are poured onto Canvas to mix and blend in a seemingly chaotic but beautiful style, whereas Kev Munday's work features stylised, almost cartoonish depictions with a small number of vibrantly coloured elements.  Sonya Elizabeth meanwhile, creates a more traditional, yet strikingly coloured composition, in which every element seems to be vying for dominance in a fiesta of vibrance.  Much of Anna Hardy's Colour Pop Artwork centres around the emphasis of a single element, or a few elements with a predominantly monochrome backdrop.

We are delighted to offer our Colour Pop Art Designs on our full range of sewn products:

  • Luxury Organic Cushions

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We will begin showcasing some of Anna's Colour Pop Artworks shortly.

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