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Luxury Vegan Leather Goods

Ikon Sweden is a Luxury Vegan Leather Brand.

Here's what Ikon have to say...

" We are based in Stockholm and all of our articles are animal-free, sustainable as well as Eco friendly. Our products are designed with the goal of providing a classy range for both men and women while also taking care of the planet. Because all the materials we use are not machine friendly, they are therefore handcrafted from the very beginning to the end.


The materials we use are animal-free, biodegradable, and ecologically friendly. We make every effort to adopt Eco-friendly materials for lining and packaging as well. Vegan and plant-based materials include coconut, cactus, apple, and cork. We use different facilities for manufacturing depending upon the material and articles. But we ensure that all of them are ethical and sustainably produced".

As with all our products, at least 10% of the profits goes to support a charity.  Anna has asked that donations from our gifts ranges go to support the vital work of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

For more on the importance of animal-free leather products, check out our Blog post.